Store Location

2329 13th St

Menominee, MI 49858

Phone: 906-863-9361
Fax:     906-863-9361


Store Hours

Monday  -  9:30am - 6:00pm

Tuesday  -  9:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday - 9:30am - 6:00pm

Thursday  -  9:30am - 6:00pm

Friday  -  9:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday  -  8:00am -12:00pm

Sunday  -  I need one day a week off, This is it.

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Our Most Popular Complete Service Packages

Good Tune :  $39.99

·         Derailleur adjusted so that each “click” on your shifter equals one gear change on your cassette/freewheel, and chain rings.  Hi& low limit screws are adjusted along with cable tension.

·         Front and rear brake cables set, brake calipers aligned, pads adjusted for maximum rim contact.

·         Both wheels are placed in truing stand and balanced left and right through even and appropriate spoke tension.  Wheels wiped down and receive a basic cleaning.

·         Hubs and axles are checked for proper tension and adjusted if necessary.

·         Frame is cleaned with general purpose bike cleaner and polish.

·         Chain is lubricated with high quality chain lube appropriate to the customers style of riding.

·         Tires a checked for tread-wear and inflated to recommended psi.

·         Bike receives safety check of all critical bolts and attachments and test ridden (weather permitting) to confirm that your bike is in the best working condition possible.

Better Tune: $59.99

·         Our better Tune includes all of the same important adjustments as our Good Tune, in addition to:

·         Chain, derailleurs, cassette/freewheel, and chain-ring are thoroughly cleaned and degreased, removing accumulated road grime and build-up.  Then they are lubricated according to manufacturers recommendations.

Best Tune:  $109.99

·         Our Best Tune includes all of the same important adjustments and extensive cleaning as our Better Tune, in addition to:  Complete overhaul of your bike’s front and rear hubs, headset, and bottom bracket.  Bearings are removed, cleaned, and repacked with new high quality grease. 

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Welcome to Cyclepath!

We are your local sporting goods store that starts with bikes by Schwinn, Giant, GT, Sun, DK, 2-Hip and more.  Then we add Wilderness kayaks, Tubbs Snowshoes, Alpina skis, Schwinn and Bowflex fitness equipment and all the related accesories to go with them.  That's a lot of stuff in a small store.  So stop in and check us out.